Utility Meter Recycling for Leading Suppliers

Dragon specialise in recycling meters for leading utilities suppliers. We have a wealth of experience in Materials Recovery with full traceability, developing best value from redundant assets and identifying & evaluating further revenue streams from customers waste.

Our state of the art processing line allows us to recycle high volumes of utility meters with the utmost efficiency.   Glass, plastics and metals are removed from each utility meter and recycled. The printed circuit boards and cardboard from the meters will be processed and recycled. Overall we have a 98% recovery rate and the whole process is fully documented and traceable.

We have developed systems to take redundant materials to end of waste. This removes them totally from the waste stream and turns them into products which will compete with original materials.


Utility Meter Recycling

  • Gas Meter Recycling
  • Electric Meter Recycling
  • Water Meter Recycling
  • 98% recovery rate.
  • Dismantled to component part.
  • Materials segmented.
  • Hazardous waste recovered to end of waste.
  • Plastics and metals recovered in accordance with end of waste protocol.
  • All materials recycled, exceed legal, environmental and ethical standards.


Dragon Recycling Solutions are able to achieve a recycling rate of 98% diversion from landfill.